Invisalign® Info


Invisalign® Info

Invisalign® InfoInvisalign® is an orthodontic treatment system for adults and teens used as an alternative to traditional braces. Adults are especially fond of the Invisalign® treatment because they tend to find that wearing braces is undesirable in their professional careers and personal life. Invisalign® is an esthetically pleasing option for treating a misaligned smile, and most adults complete their treatment in less than one year. While treatment times will vary from patient to patient depending on their specific alignment issues, Invisalign® is a discreet and highly sought after option for adult orthodontic treatment.

The Invisalign® system is not appropriate for all cases of misalignment or complex bite problems. Dr. Nishano Thomas will help to determine whether this system is appropriate for your orthodontic treatment or if another option will be better suited for your needs. Invisalign® was designed to correct the following:

  • Over crowding of the teeth
  • Spaces between the teeth
  • Overbite
  • Cross bite
  • Relapse after traditional braces have been removed and the teeth have shifted out of their desired position

At Memorial Park Dental Spa, we offer the best dental services here that are unsurpassed in Houston, TX. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to determine if Invisalign® is the best choice to help you achieve the smile that you have always wanted.

Invisible Orthodontics for Adults

Many adults are self-conscious about the misalignment of their teeth, yet they do not want to wear traditional metal braces to correct them. Traditional metal braces make it very obvious that people are undergoing orthodontic treatment, and this is sometimes embarrassing for adults in professional and personal settings. Memorial Park Dental Spa is proud to offer Invisalign® invisible braces for adults in the Houston area. This innovative system uses clear aligners that discreetly move the teeth into their desired position. Treatment times vary from patient to patient, but the average time frame for adults from start to finish is one year.

Memorial Park Dental Spa is a dental practice that offers Invisalign® invisible braces for patients who want to correct the alignment of their smiles. If you are looking for a reputable dentist who offers this specialized orthodontic treatment in Houston, TX, please contact us today. We are here to help you achieve the beautiful smile that you deserve.


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