DIAGNOdent Laser Cavity Screening


When it comes to detecting cavities, we proudly use the revolutionary technology of DIAGNOdent. DIAGNOdent is a painless laser cavity detection device that allows Dr. Thomas to find the smallest areas of tooth decay. This means that we can treat your decay at its earliest stage, often avoiding the need for multiple procedures or unnecessary drilling. Rest assured that DIAGNOdent is a quick and comfortable process that we perform during your routine dental exam. At Memorial Park Dental Spa, our cutting-edge technology facilitates our mission to deliver general dental care that results in healthy and confident smiles for a lifetime.

How does DIAGNOdent work?

DIAGNOdent uses a precise laser scanning system that scans over each tooth. This device simultaneously sends out an audio signal and registers a digital read-out as it scans. DIAGNOdent is able to measure the fluorescence within each tooth's structure, which allows Dr. Thomas to identify exact areas where cavities may be developing. The screening is painless and only takes a few minutes, but it can save you from more serious dental problems and more costly treatments in the future.

DIAGNOdent can detect cavities that may otherwise go unnoticeable by a dentist. Tooth decay often develops within the tiny cracks and grooves of your tooth's surface. Unfortunately, most cavities are not detected or felt until there is a much greater problem. The advanced DIAGNOdent laser screening device can locate these small areas of decay so that you can avoid the need for a large filling, root canal or crown.

If you would like to be screened for cavities using DIANOdent, please contact our practice to schedule an appointment. Our laser cavity screenings have saved countless smiles, including children and adults. We welcome the opportunity to care for your smile through all stages of life, and we are confident that we can do it in the most comfortable and convenient way.


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