Is your child wearing a mouthguard while playing sports? Injuries to the mouth and jaw are some of the most common injuries received by athletes, and some of them cause serious smile damage. Mouthguards are recommended for all types of sports, not just hockey, football or other high contact games. It is a simple investment that can protect the teeth and gums during play, and save you from costly dental treatments in the future.

Types of Mouthguards

Mouthguards can be purchased at your local sporting good store or at your dental office. We are happy to discuss the benefits of a custom mouthguard from Memorial Park Dental Spa versus a "boil-and-bite" mouthguard from the store. In the end, any type of mouthguard worn is better than not wearing one at all.

In order for your mouthguard to properly protect your teeth and gums, it must be tear-resistant and fit securely. Dr. Thomas offers top quality custom mouthguards that allow patients to breathe and even speak comfortably while on the playing field, which is especially important for young athletes. If you wear braces or a retainer, a mouthguard should be an essential piece of equipment for your sport.

Taking Care of Your Mouthguard

Not only will we help you determine the best type of mouthguard, but we will also advise you on ways to take care of your appliance. Your mouthguard care should include proper cleaning and storage as well as timely replacement when it gets worn or no longer fits properly. If you are uncertain as to whether or not it is time to replace your mouthguard, just bring it with you at your next dental appointment and we will evaluate its condition.

We are committed to helping you protect your smile. A mouthguard is a valuable investment that can greatly reduce your risk for sports-related trauma to the teeth and gums. To schedule your fitting for a custom mouthguard, please contact Memorial Park Dental Spa today.

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