Dental Assurance Plan


Dental Assurance Plan

Memorial Park Dental is excited to offer the Dental Assurance Plan, which offers a cost effective option to patients that don't have traditional dental insurance. The primary difference between dental and health insurance is the ridiculous low yearly limits on coverage. As a patient, you pay your monthly premium and if you have almost any major dental work done you will max out your yearly benefit or be nominally covered due to confusing dental insurance rules. Traditional dental insurance is great for preventive care but falls short when you have a real dental problem. Memorial Park Dental has instituted the Dental Assurance Plan so your family can feel safe and covered. In addition to restorative work, the Dental Assurance Plan covers a portion of cosmetic work, which almost no traditional insurance covers.

How the Plan Works

The Dental Assurance Plan works very similar to a traditional insurance plan except that your coverage is only valid at a Memorial Park Dental location. You will get the same level of benefits for a service regardless of your choice dentist or location as long as it’s a Memorial Park Dental location.

Memorial Park Dental will charge only the patient portion of the services provided. Memorial Park Dental will discount the services provided based on the usual and customary fees and the benefits coverage table below.

You can arrange for a pretreatment estimate of benefits through Memorial Park Dental to learn ahead of time how the plan might cover your need.

Cost of Coverage

The cost of your plan depends on the option you choose and the number of dependents you cover. Once enrolled in the plan, you pay the deductible and the co-payment when applicable. Coverage will only be honored at a Memorial Park Dental location. Memorial Park Dental has many specialties, which should accommodate most of you dental needs.




$400 Year ($33 a month)

Individual + Spouse

$700 Year ($58 month) 

Family (Individual + Spouse + up to 4 Children up to the age of 25)

$1600 Year ($133 month) 


Benefits for Covered Services

Plan Facts
Preferred Dentist Program

Carrier Name

Dental Assurance Plan

Web Site

Member Services

(713) 864-3800




General Dental Expenses




Plan deductible (Individual/Family)





Preventive Care




Preventive Services

100% covered


No Limit on X – Rays 100% covered
Full Mouth
Cavity Detecting X-Rays
Panoramic X-Rays
2 Complete Doctor Exams per year
2 Preventive Cleanings per year


Basic Services & Major Services


Basic & Major Services
(fillings, extractions,
root canals, night guards)

40% covered


Patient will pay 60% of usual and
Customary fee.


Specialist Services


Orthodontic Services


All other specialist coverage
(*when offered at MPD)

$500 covered


20% covered


Invisalign coverage only
 $500 off All-Inclusive ONLY

Plan pays 20% and Patient pays remaining


Cosmetic and Implant Services


Cosmetic Services

Teeth Whitening (Custom Trays) --- 100% covered
Zoom2 Laser Teeth Whitening – 10% Covered
All other Cosmetic Services are covered at 15%
Lab Upgrades – Not Covered
Dental Implants covered at 15%


Patient will pay remaining portion of the
usual and customary fees.


Maximum Benefits



$1,000 lifetime maximum per eligible individual


Invisalign coverage only

All other services

$2000 Annual Maximum per person


** Memorial Park Dental reserves the right to amend or change the coverage at any time. Patient can not be insured through a traditional insurance carrier. Account credits can not be applied toward services.

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