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Digital X-rays

Houston TX Dental Digital X-RaysFor the sake of your convenience, comfort and safety, we utilize the most advanced technology in modern dentistry with our general dental treatments. In doing so, we offer digital x-rays to monitor and diagnose dental health problems in the way you deserve.

Digital x-rays are known for their superior advantages in patient safety. Compared to past film-based x-ray units, digital x-rays use only a fraction of the radiation amount. We are keenly aware of our patient's safety concerns and we adopt equipment that protects your well-being on every level.

Digital radiography also allows Dr. Thomas to use computer video enhancements to modify the films in various ways, which means we can make a more accurate diagnosis for our patients. In addition to clearer images, this advanced imaging system saves time, which is another valuable benefit for both dentist and patient.

At Memorial Park Dental Spa, we maintain a strong focus on creating the most comfortable and rewarding experience possible. To this end, you will find that your procedures are conducted with the latest, most state-of-the-art equipment available. In most cases, our technology allows us to detect problems early, before they cause significant compromise to your dental function and smile aesthetics.

To learn more about the benefits of digital x-rays, please contact us today. Although we utilize the latest dental technology during our procedures, we never dismiss the importance of friendly, compassionate and personalized care throughout your visit.

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