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Dental care is a critical part of preserving the health and integrity of your teeth and gums, as well as your overall well-being. Dr. Nishano Thomas, Dr. Mary Abdou, Dr. Chaluparambil, and the team at Memorial Park Dental Spa in Houston offer expert dentistry services in a comfortable and relaxing setting to ensure that you and your family get the dental care you need. Call or schedule an appointment online today.

Dentistry Q & A

Memorial Park Dental Spa

What should I expect during a dental checkup?

Memorial Park Dental Spa offers comprehensive exams that evaluate all aspects of your dental health. Your dental exam will always include an in-depth evaluation of your gum health and meticulous teeth cleaning to ensure you leave the office smiling with confidence.

The dentists use the latest dental technology to ensure they diagnose oral health problems at their earliest stages. Digital X-rays, laser cavity detection, and oral cancer screenings are just a few of the tools that provide highly accurate diagnostics so that you can benefit from more conservative treatments.

For example, DIAGNOdent is a painless laser cavity detection device that allows the dentists to find the smallest areas of tooth decay. That allows them to treat your decay at its earliest stage, avoiding the need for multiple procedures or unnecessary drilling.

What happens if a dental problem is identified?

If your dental exam reveals any areas of concerns, you can trust that Dr. Thomas, Dr. Abdou, or Dr. Chaluparambil will take the time to explain your treatment options. In some cases, they’ll be able to take care of your treatment during the same visit.

If you have minor signs of tooth decay, your dentist can apply a sealant or an inlay or onlay to protect your tooth. If further treatment is needed, they offer a full menu of restorative services, as well as cosmetic treatments to ensure that you retain a beautiful smile.

Do I need X-rays at every dental check-up?

You don’t need dental X-rays every six months, but having them once a year, or once every 18 months, depending on your situation, helps your dentists monitor the interior of your teeth and jaw, and check for signs of decay that aren’t visible to the naked eye.

Dr. Thomas and her team offer digital X-rays to monitor and diagnose dental health problems. Compared to prior film-based X-ray units, digital X-rays use only a fraction of the radiation and provide clearer images more quickly. The dentists are keenly aware of your safety concerns and only use equipment that protects your well-being.

What happens during a pediatric dental check-up?

Healthy dental habits begin at a young age, and the team at Memorial Park Dental Spa welcomes the opportunity to teach your child about healthy dental hygiene habits in a friendly and comfortable environment.

Proper dental hygiene and regular dental check-ups protect your child’s dental development. Besides teaching children about dental hygiene and how cavities form, the dentists will monitor your child’s dental development. And they can advise you at an early stage if your child is likely to need orthodontic treatment.

If you’re looking for a dentist who cares about your well-being and who can help your whole family, call or book an appointment online today at Memorial Park Dental Spa.